Q: Where can I buy timeblock® products?
A: You can purchase them from our online store.
Q: Where are your products developed/manufactured?
A: timeblock® products are formulated and developed in Switzerland. The supplement is manufactured in Germany, and timeblock® skin care and hair care ranges are made in Switzerland.
Q: Are timeblock® ingredients tested on animals?
A: None of the timeblock® ingredients has been tested on animals, nor are they of any animal origin. Due to this, timeblock® can be used by both vegetarians and vegans.


Q: What makes timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition so different from other anti-aging supplements?
A: timeblock® ingredients are grown all around the world. The group of scientists who developed timeblock® Nutrition experimented for over 7 years to find the perfect ingredients and the best places to grow them. They grew different ingredients in several parts of the world and came to astonishing results! The potency of active ingredients in each of the plants was dependent on the place it grew. The difference was enormous. For example, the barley grass that is in each timeblock® capsule grows in the Himalayas. When they tried to grow the same barley grass in Switzerland, by the best bio standards it had no active ingredients of Tocotrienole and PQQ unlike the barley grass from the Himalayas. It is the only scientifically-proven product with a study of 110 people done by University of Vienna with proven results showing a positive impact on aging markers.

Q: What does timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition consist of?
A: A number of superfoods in the timeblock® formula are processed using our unique freeze-drying method. This results in a powder concentrate retaining most of the valuable nutrients from wheat grass, barley grass, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, grape seeds, green tea, marigold and algae, with added vitamins. The essential ingredients are from natural plant sources. The individual ingredients can be found on the packaging.

Q: How is timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition produced?
A: The ingredients are cultivated in places with the best conditions for growth. This includes locations in the Himalayas, Brazil, Tibet and different parts of Europe. After harvesting, the ingredients are promptly processed using the latest Swiss technology to ensure the highest possible nutrient content. This freeze-drying process is done by a GMP facility, and the concentrated timeblock® powder is then filled into vegan capsules (made of plant-based cellulose) in Germany. timeblock® production process is subjected to the highest GMP quality controls.

Q: How is the quality of timeblock® ensured?
A: The GMP manufacturing facilities are all controlled by government quality control department each year.

Q: How should I take timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition?
A: We highly recommend taking the DAY capsule 15 minutes before breakfast and the NIGHT capsule around 6 – 7 PM, with your last meal of the day. Both capsules should be taken with sufficient liquids. If you are not in the habit of taking breakfast, you can take the DAY capsule some 15 minutes before lunch. Taking the DAY capsule after 6 PM should be avoided because the EGCG from the green tea extract can potentially affect your sleep. The DAY and NIGHT capsules are packed on the same blister for your convenience. Please check the blister pack for “Day” and “Night” labels to ensure you take the right capsule in accordance to the time of day.

Q: How long should I consume timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition?
A: The best results can be expected after several months of timeblock® consumption. As an optimum time for the first serious results, we would advise at least 6 months of timeblock® consumption. Many of our customers decide to take timeblock® on a regular basis because they can feel the favourable effects it has on their body, skin and general well-being.

Q: Can pregnant women use timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition?
A: It is not suggested for pregnant or breastfeeding women to take timeblock®. This is due to the high amounts of EGCG(from green tea) in the product which are not optimised for pregnancy or the breastfeeding period. However, if you are consuming timeblock® and discover that you are pregnant, just stop taking it once you discover your pregnancy.

Q: Can I take the DAY capsule sometime around lunch hour instead of breakfast?
A: It is not a problem to take the DAY capsule around lunch time. We would advise you to take it some 15 minutes before your meal. However, it is not ideal to take it after 6PM, as the EGCG (green tea extract) content in the DAY capsules can potentially affect your sleep.

Q: Is it ok to still drink green tea if I take timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition?
A: If you are taking timeblock® you will get sufficient amount of the active ingredients from the green tea extract. For health reasons, there is no need for additional green tea consumption. However, if you are a passionate green tea drinker, we would advise you to consult with your health care professional.

Q: Are there any additives in timeblock®?
A: timeblock® is free from chemical preservatives and contains no fillers. The capsule contains no animal-based substance and is therefore 100% vegan.

Q: Is timeblock® an organic product?
A: All the ingredients are continuously analysed for the presence of pesticides and herbicides to ensure the high-quality standards of timeblock®. The majority of our ingredients are grown in remote parts of the world, away from the big industrialized areas. However, timeblock® is not certified as an organic product according to the current guidelines because each country has different organic certifications.

Q: Can people with allergies also take timeblock®?
A: Please check the ingredients list on the packaging before consuming timeblock®. If you have allergies to any of the ingredients, it would be advisable to not take timeblock®.

Q: Can timeblock® be taken in combination with other medication?
A: If you are undertaking long-term medication, we would advise you to consult your physician before taking timeblock®.

Q: Can I overdose on the ingredients from timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition (for instance Folic acid)?
A: If you take the product as prescribed – 1X DAY and 1X NIGHT capsule, it is unlikely for you to overdose. We advise you to not exceed the dosage nor take more than one of each capsules per day.

Q: Does timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition have any known contraindications?
A: So far none have been reported. However, if you suffer from any allergies, please consult your healthcare professional before using timeblock®. It should not be taken by anyone suffering from allergies of any of the ingredients used in timeblock®. In general, the product is vegan, non-GMO and lactose-free (cross contamination possible).

Q: The colour of the DAY and NIGHT Capsules are not the same as the ones from my previous order. Is this normal?
A: timeblock® has completely natural ingredients. Different batches of grasses may produce slightly different shades of colour. However, all batches of the grasses we grow undergo testing for phytonutrient content before being used for encapsulation. If the colour of your capsules has changed or is different from the last purchase, this does not mean the quality is compromised.

Q: Can the pills replace a meal?
A: No. It is a health food supplement and not a food replacement nutrition. Continue to eat a balanced diet.

Q: Will the timeblock® supplements cause any side effects?
A: Generally, timeblock does not cause any side effects. Some people do experience some “antioxidant effects” (mild headaches or “heatiness”) but these should go away after 1-2 weeks of consumption. Ensure sufficient water intake.

Q: I am taking other supplements for health reasons; can I still take timeblock®?
A: Depending on the supplements you are consuming, some ingredients may be repeated or may even be complementary. If you are unsure, please always consult your healthcare professional.

Q: What benefits/changes will I experience from using timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition?
A: Month 1: Improved Clarity
Early benefits include improved sleep cycle and increased energy levels while keeping you in better focus.

Month 2: Physical Rejuvenation
The second month may bring about physical changes such as healthier hair and stronger nails, as well as an improvement in skin condition and helps in memory.

Month 4: Cellular Restoration
timeblock® helps protect musculoskeletal health, teeth, eyes, liver and kidneys. It also supports your immune and nervous system, hormone production, and promotes brain health while protecting you from free radicals.

Q: What are the white specks found in the timeblock® capsules?
A: The contents of the capsules are freeze-dried plant extracts in its natural state and not artificially coloured for aesthetic enhancement,
therefore the colour is largely dependent on the ingredients collected for each production.


Q: Who should use timeblock® skin care?

A: Our skin care range is suitable for all skin types. It helps to combat the factors that affect cell renewal, which otherwise causes our skin to age, thus, it is suitable across all ages and for common skin conditions like uneven skin tones, wrinkles, lack lustre (dull looking), stressed skin, or after a long holiday with exposure to adverse conditions like winter or extended periods under the sun (beach holiday).

Q: What is so special about timeblock® skin care?

A: timeblock® Skin Care range contains high concentrations of innovative, high-performance ingredients to counteract virtually every factor that takes its toll on the cell renewal process which causes our skin to age. The ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, achieving long lasting visible results. This allows our skin to take the best care of itself again.

Q: Why do you not have specific products for different skin types?

A: The timeblock® skin care range is not designed to compensate for any deficiencies in over-dry or over-oily skin, its function is to aid in reactivating the skin’s natural ability to regenerate.

Q: What is the difference between timeblock® 4 Weeks, Day and Night?

A: timeblock® 4 WEEKS contains all the ingredients of the day and night care products and combines their beneficial properties into a highly concentrated four-week course of treatment. It is the ideal introduction to the timeblock® collection, allowing you to reap the maximum benefits of the timeblock range of products. It is recommended as a primary course of treatment for tired and stressed skin (eg. after long periods of travel or a beach holiday).

timeblock® DAY lotion contains sophisticated formula of selected ingredients to boost cell activity. High-performance super-antioxidants also protect the skin against environmental aggressors.

timeblock® NIGHT serum supports skin renewal and regeneration during the body's natural rest and regenerative phase at night.

Q: How do I use timeblock® skin care?

A: Apply to the face and eye contours morning and evening after cleansing.

Q: Can I use other skin care products together with timeblock® skin care?

A: Yes you can. timeblock® skin care range is suitable for all skin types as they are not designed to compensate any deficiencies in over-dry or over-oily skin. If you do require more support for dry skin or greater protection against the sun, you may apply other products to help in those areas.

Q: I have sensitive skin, is timeblock® skin care suitable for me?

A: Please do check the ingredients on the packaging to see if you are allergic to any of the substances before use.

Q: Can I use timeblock® 4 WEEKS on a daily basis?

A: Yes you may.

Q: Can I repack timeblock® skin care into smaller containers for travel?

A: The bottle is designed to be air-tight and light resistant to protect the quality of the ingredients within, therefore if you wish to extract its contents into a smaller container for short-term travel, please try to use up the extracted product as soon as possible to reduce oxidation and degradation of quality.  

Q: Why is timeblock® skin care priced higher than many of the common skin care brands in the market?

A: This is due to the high concentration of expensive ingredients within, and the technology used to ensure its maximum efficacy. For example, the polypeptide content of timeblock® is almost 10 times higher than most luxury brands. Equol, the plant-derived youth-boosting molecule isoflavandiol, stimulates the body's own production of collagen and elastin, and has a positive impact on the anti-aging gene and smoothens the texture of the skin from the inside out. Its NanoColloidal property enables penetration into the skin, forming a natural reservoir beneath the dermis, where it can slowly unfold to produce a long-lasting effect, leaving the skin firm and plump.

Lastly, much thought is also placed in the design of the bottle which the product is contained. Its air-tight, light resistant properties prevent the key ingredients from oxidation and thus keep them stablised for a longer time.

Q: What changes should I expect from using timeblock® skin care?

A: timeblock skin care range stimulates the skin by reactivating its natural ability to regenerate. Its key ingredients have been proven to increase the body's own collagen and elastin levels resulting in a visible reduction of lines and wrinkles. Also, a healthier, more even skin tone, youthfully elastic and toned looking skin - from the inside out.

Q: Can I apply timeblock® skin care around my eyes?

A: Yes it is gentle enough to be applied around the eyes.

Q: Can I apply timeblock® skin care on acne or broken skin?

A: Yes. The key active ingredients within timeblock skin care range are plant-based and safe enough to be applied onto broken, exposed skin. However, it is not recommended to be used on large area of broken skin (eg. deep cut or burns).

Q: How long do I need to use timeblock® skin care before I see results?

A: The length of the cell renewal process varies for individuals depending on the type of skin, nutrition and environmental exposure. Experiencing a taut sensation during the first few days of treatment is a sign that the process has started to work. This taut feeling (not tight) can be readily felt in the first week of application. Most individuals can start to see visible results after 3-4 weeks of application.